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Our internal medicine combines the best of traditional & functional medicine. You can take less/no medication when the root cause of your problem is identified. End discomfort, reclaim your former health.


Our doctor of Physical Therapy is elitely trained as an Orthopedic Certified Specialist. Your program will address any pain, lack of strength or loss of motion, so you can reclaim your earlier level of fitness.


Our Root Cause Medicine protocol allows you to regain your energy, health and resilience through a lifestyle, food, and nutritional plan designed by the M.D. and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners.


The doctor of Chiropractic addresses the cause of pain and stiffness in your back and joints. From head to toe, areas of nerve or joint irritation are naturally resolved, allowing you a pain-free life without limitations.

95% of our patients say
they’re tired of feeling
sick and tired

87% of our patients don’t
want to keep taking drugs
to cover up symptoms.

93% of our patients say they’re tired
of excuses and want to know
WHY their body isn’t healthy

The Root Cause Medicine 4 Step Process to discover the exact
underlying cause of your health problems.

1. History A history is taken, including an exact set of questions you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Examination We then utilize an examination process more thorough than you’ve ever experienced.

3. TestingTesting is performed, both traditional and specialized labs that isolate the answers you’ve been looking for.

4. Plan Your specific treatment plan is then designed, implemented and executed.

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